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♥ Gorgeous wool body warmers ♥

We love wool! And especially the look of lovely wool body warmers. Plus, they are wonderfully warm and super cuddly: in other words, you'll want one of those, or two. And not just you, your little one too.

First of all, wool has many wonderful advantages. It's dirt-repellent and because it also insulates great when it's cold. So our wool crib blankets or wool crib blankets keep your little one nice and warm. 

Our wool collection is constantly expanding and we won't stand still in this development either. So keep following us and shelter yourself and your offspring in wool!

Carrying in a woven sling, ring sling or baby carrier

Keeping your baby close to you during your daily activities, we moms know all about that too. Because a We Are Wovens sling, ring sling or baby carrier leaves your hands free for endless snuggling with your little one. And that is not only very comfortable, but also very stylish. In short, our cloths and bags are super soft, super strong and ergonomic for you and your baby.

The highest quality

First of all, only the best is good enough for our woven slings, ring slings and baby carriers and that's why we use only the very best combed cotton in beautiful deep colors. Also, all of our cotton has the Oeko Tex certificate. This certificate guarantees safety: because the cotton is colored without the use of harmful chemicals. In short, safe for mouthing babies! And because all woven slings, ring slings and baby carriers are produced in Europe, we are closely involved in the entire production process. So we are sure that the quality meets our requirements. We are on top of it, in fact!

Also our wool as well as the baby carriers are for sale through many webshops and at several stores near you. Check on this page where you can try them on and buy them.

In short; Do you want to become a reseller? Email us for more info

So want to know more about a woven sling, ring sling or baby carrier? Check out our facebook group with user experiences and tips.