Ergonomic carrying

Carry your baby with you

Do you want to carry your baby but are not yet sure exactly how and what?

A baby carrier, sling or perhaps a ring sling. We have them all.

Sling Collection

The most beautiful slings made from the
purest materials. Soft and supple.
Choose a wonderful sling and give you and your
little one the best start. 

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129,00 - 139,00
109,00 - 139,00
79,00 - 139,00
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Baby Carrier Collection

With a baby carrier from We Are Wovens you carry ergonomically.
Our baby carriers are super easy to use and you can use the carrier from birth to size 80/86.
Explore the world together in a safe and pleasant place. 

Baby carriers

Who we are 

We Are Wovens was born out of love for carrying your baby. We want only the best, which is why it has been a long search to create the collection we have today. From cotton to linen, From sling to baby carrier. 

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