Can carry a baby in a baby carrier?

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One of the things you soon encounter as a brand new parent is that after the maternity week, you do want your hands free from time to time. A baby who does not like to sleep alone in the playpen or crib and wants to be with you all the time. Logical too, after a baby has lived in your belly for nine months and could always hear your warmth and heartbeat. But how can you still have your hands free? Let alone with more children in the house? In this article, I'll tell you more about the benefits of carrying your baby. I also like to tell you about the baby carrier from We are Woven that I got to test. Read along?

With the birth of our daughter Tilly, I suddenly have three children around me. A pleasant bustle of course, but sometimes it is also very convenient to have your hands free. Because a small baby takes up a lot of time. Feeding, changing, cuddling and then it's time to sleep again. And sleeping alone, well babies often just don't like that, because the nicest place to be is at mommy! During the maternity week and my husband's subsequent leave it was no problem. But when my husband went back to work I also wanted to have time for my other two children. I just barely managed to fill out the baby's first year book and then I could already put our baby to sleep again. Luckily, there was the baby carrier, a real life saver!

My experience with a baby carrier

When we had our first child, five years ago now, I was happy to sit on the couch for several hours with a sleeping baby on my lap and watch great Netflix series. This is now a thing of the past with a 5-year-old and 3-year-old child. Especially during Corona, when the oldest was homeschooled. I found it ideal to walk around with the baby carrier. And the nice thing is that the baby carrier of We are Woven looks great! I chose a nice moss color, goes well with all your clothes and it doesn't look bad for hubby when he carries our daughter on weekends either. Win win of course! But perhaps the best part is that the baby carrier is so easy to put on.

No fussing with a cloth and it wears very comfortably. The straps that run on the shoulders have fine padding so you won't easily be bothered by your baby's weight. And if you want to distribute your baby's weight even more, you can cross the straps on your back. I find this very comfortable.

Benefits of carrying your baby in a baby carrier 

I was positively surprised by the baby carrier from We are Woven. In fact, besides the slings we have in our home, I was very curious to see what it would be like to have a baby carrier in our home. And I am positively surprised! Here are the advantages:

  • First, you have your hands free, but your baby is still close by
  • You can feel free to do your makeup and housework (if you don't have to bend over too much)
  • Also helpful is that you can help other children, read to them, etc.
  • Your baby feels light because the weight is well distributed over your shoulders and back
  • The wearer wears comfortably
  • The carrier is a real pocket, where your baby hangs snugly against you
  • You have a wide choice of prints
  • The carrier is suitable from birth to size 80/86, then move to a toddler carrier
  • You can size the carrier to fit a newborn baby and slowly make it a little wider and wider as your baby gets bigger

Would you also like to carry your baby in a baby carrier and take a look at our collection of baby carriers? Then take a look here.
The baby carrier in the picture is the Mixite Moss baby carrier. it can be used from birth to about size 80/86. Prefer a sling? We have those too.

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