First time tying a sling

First time sling tying baby

I stood a little awkwardly in the bedroom, in front of me was my just washed (and moreover ironed) cloth. "Do you still have the carrier consultation videos?" - my best friend asked via whatsapp. "Yes, somewhere I do" - typed I, but where exactly I had them was a mystery to me. Fortunately, there are plenty of ladies willing to share their knowledge via YouTube videos.

First time tying a sling

Before our son was born I shouted very loudly; "I'm going to carry from the beginning!" - but due to a labor that didn't quite go according to plan, that was already not possible. Still, after two weeks, I decided I wanted to give it a try. I was a bit nervous, what if I dropped him when I wanted to lower him into the cloth, he is still so small, should I do this?

Encouraged by the smiling lady on Youtube, I decided to give to give it a try. That much can't go wrong right? I would let him the bed in the cloth, should he slip away from me he would at least have a soft landing. at least provided with a soft landing.

Of course, during my pregnancy (and previous ones) I have already practiced tying one of the cloths a few times. When there is no baby in it, however, it's a lot less complicated (and especially exciting).

So many different terms, what do they mean?

On the Internet you get loads of terms thrown at your head and what they mean? No idea. When my best friend throws in another one or more complicated abbreviations, I drop out. "I have no idea what any of this means, do I? I just want the one easy one!" - So apparently that's the FWCC (front wrap cross carry), but yeah, of course I didn't know that. Whatever the rest of it all is? No idea, I'll just have to find out as I go along.

To make a long story even a little longer; that one particular day, I carried my dear son in his cloth for the first time. But the cloth that was actually meant for his little sister (who unfortunately is no longer with us). And hey; this was nice. Softly simmering, he lay sleeping against me, I could smell his hair endlessly and give him hundreds of kisses. It wasn't so bad, that first time tying a sling. I felt so warm and so happy, stupid that I found this so exciting.

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First time sling tying baby

Want more info on first-time tying?

Want to tie your baby in a sling for the first time? Check out our instructions on this page. If you want to watch a video on Youtube, click here.

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