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I Carry You

Pink sling Fling Mare

Actually, it was already obvious when I got you out of bed. Your otherwise happy face was sad and I could see from your eyes that tears were coming again. How I long for my leave at such moments. Then I would pluck you out of bed, put on a cuddly, soft playsuit and do nothing but give you kisses and cuddle with you all day long. But duty calls. The fridge is empty and Daddy is at work. We have to go out.

You've been sad for days....

Quickly I gather a bag and some things and pull a jacket of yours off the coat rack. You sputter as I pull it on you, your soft moans hinting that you are uncomfortable. You have been sad for days. In fact, nothing is really to your liking. Your teething gets in the way and you spend your days snuggled up close to Mommy.

I put on my shoes and hesitate, cloth or bag? I choose my favorite, a bright pink and buttery soft cloth. Hopefully the color can brighten you up a bit, but otherwise its cuddliness might do the trick. Soon you surrender and even before we are out of the street, you are asleep.

How sweetly she lies with you.

We pass an elderly lady who promptly quickens her stride and peeks curiously over my shoulder. At the sight of your little snout, I see her melt. "How sweet she lies with you" she says, and continues "how nice that you can carry her so close to you." I smile and nod affirmatively, and after a sigh of endearment, Madam turns away and we walk on.

My hand rubs your back and, lost in thought, we walk on towards the supermarket. Suddenly I realize that you haven't pooped for a couple of days and I sincerely hope that you will wait until we get home. The washing machine is patient, but I don't think that beautiful cloth can withstand the suffering called teeth. Very briefly you toss and turn and seem to wake up, but you turn your face the other way and sleep on.

Pink sling Fling Mare

Once we arrive at the supermarket, we are greeted as always by the butcher who is somewhat disappointed to find that you are asleep. "This is a nice tan too girl" she says, feeling the cloth over my shoulder. She remains fascinated by us as we sit here glued together doing our shopping. A little guy about six years old runs past us and calls out "Look mom, kangaroos" in passing.

It's not the first time we've been called that and it certainly won't be the last. You're sitting there safe and warm in Mommy's pouch. Just recovering from the big bad world. A little comfort against your aches and pains. 

I check off our errands and, with the sun on my neck, we walk back home. Judging by your tossing and turning, you are starting to wake up. As I put the key in the lock, your little legs begin to kick and I unwind the cloth just in time to see your cute pink panties change color. 

When I put you on the dresser to change you, I see something shining in your mouth. I feel and yes, there is a first tooth. It's not easy, dear child, being a baby.

But whatever the world has in store for you, Mom is there for you.

And not forgetting mom's cloth.

Who am I:

My name is Ilse. Friend of Ronald, mom of Annabel and always looking for a way to make the chaos in my head on paper into something logical. Our beautiful daughter turned out to be a huge inspiration and since a year I have been writing on my own place about my way through motherhood. I used to think that carrying was for hippies and nowadays I am able to spend a month's grocery money on a cloth. Things can change, shall we say.
Besides writing and slings, I love good food, mornings without an alarm clock and walks in the sun. Ideally we go to Texel twice a year, I am a huge social media junkie and my favorite tea is rooibos from the Hema. Want to know more about me? You can follow me on Instagram at

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