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Meet The Team


She has the very, very sweetest smile. Has already made 24 laps around the sun, is absolutely wild about vintage stuff and prefers to bury herself completely under the wool. Is the proud mother of a son of almost 1 (next week's birthday!) and hopes for more babies in the future. Works two days a week in our stone store in Soest, where she helps you with all her love and care. Also does an excellent job as order picker and package dispatcher and keeps the store and window spic&span. Man, how happy we are with her!

Willeke's fav product is the Easy Carrier


With her you immediately feel at ease. Such a warm and sweetheart she is. She is also the mother of two wonderful children, and thirty-something. Creativity has always flowed through her veins and in recent years she has been earning a living with her talents: photography and illustration. And that is what she means to us! The stunning images on our website and socials are almost all by her hand. Fantastic she is, because she captures exactly the atmosphere and vibe we feel and want to convey.

Marlo her fav product is the wool waistcoat. She lives in


Without knowing it, you've been talking to me regularly. You see, I type these newsletters, but I'm also there to answer any questions you might have by email. Every now and then I put out a social post on behalf of WAW, and I sometimes model new products created by our Ils. Hi, nice to meet you: I am the Virtual Assistant to the CEO 😇.

What I am also is a mother. A very proud one, of a girl of 7 and a yummy 6-month-old. Love burritos and crocheting, but not necessarily at the same time. Have been a real cloth mom for years because #keepthemclose #attachmentparenting #carrythem and you know it.

My fav product is the wool pad, because my little man has been sleeping zaaaaaaally on it for six months now


Mixite Lace Sling

Let me introduce myself. I'm Ilse, just turned 40 and mother of 3 wonderful monsters.
About 8 years ago I started We Are Wovens and since then the team expanded with 3 more fantastic girls: Marilyn, Willeke and Marlo as you can read above.

There is a physical store in Soest and our products are now in almost 70 stores in the Netherlands. In Belgium we are also growing nicely.
I can't really choose what my favo product is. I just pick them all 😉

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