Tying a ring sling

Would you like to be able to carry your baby in a sling quickly and easily? Then maybe a ring sling is for you. But how do you tie a ring sling?

What is a ring sling:

This is a short woven sling with 2 rings at the ends. Putting on a ring sling can take some practice. It looks very easy and fortunately after a few practice it is. You'll soon have the ring sling in hand, or on your hip.
Practice the first few times with a doll or cuddly toy so you can memorize the steps for putting on the ring sling. When using the ring sling with your baby for the first time, it is best to do this at a quiet time. Make sure the baby is not tired or hungry.

We always recommend having a sling consultant help you before tying a sling or ring sling. For more info, or a consultant near you go to this site.

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Benefits of a ring sling:

- You don't have to tie a ring sling.
- Is quick and easy to use.
- Can be used right from birth.
- Is ideal for curious little ones.
- Fits in almost any bag because it folds up compactly.
- Can be worn on the stomach and on the hip.

How to keep your ring sling beautiful:

- Wash the ring sling before first use.
- Wash the ring sling by hand.
- Use bleach-free detergent if necessary.
- The ring sling cannot be tumble-dried.
- Most ring slings already come out of the box wonderfully soft, ironing makes the cloth even softer.
- Always check the washing label attached to the cloth for further washing instructions.

Both ring sling 100% linen
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