Washing your sling. The 100% cotton slings from We Are Wovens arrive at your home unwashed. This means that before you can use the cloth it must be washed once.

Fortunately, 100% slings are just machine washable. Set your program to 30 degrees and wash it with equal colors if you add anything else. Just make sure that should you fill up your washer it's not stuff with sharp edges or zippers. This can get stuck in the cloth and you want to avoid having a pull in your new sling right away.

After washing, you will see that the color of the cloth becomes more intense. This is because the threads are only now really starting to set and therefore fluff up. Your sling will only get softer after a few washes and a few ironings. We do not recommend putting the sling in the dryer. The sling can withstand it but will shrink extra. On a low setting it can even make the sling softer.

So in case your little baby spits up all over it unexpectedly, or you tied outside and the sling got on a dirty ground? Wash, iron and tie your cloth as often as you like.

If you want to know even more about washing your sling, check out the site of the draagspecialist.nl. Here you will find more useful facts and tips.