What size do I need? 

We Are Wovens slings are available in 4 different sizes. From a size 4 to a size 7. Which size you need varies from the length of your child, but also which knot you want to do and your own stature.
We recommend a basic size when you first start carrying with a sling. And with this size you can do the most obvious knots. The so-called FWCC is only 1 of them. A size 6 is our most sold size sling. Below you can see a guideline to determine your basic size.

Guideline base size sling

With clothing size eu to 34 your basic size is a 5
Clothing size eu 36 to 42 - basic size 6
Is your clothing size larger than eu 42> then your basic size is a 7

Size 4 ± 3.60 - 3.70 meters, Size 5 ± 4.10 - 4.20 meters, Size 6 ± 4.50 - 4.70 meters, Size 7 ± 5.10 - 5.50 meters

If you can't figure it out, send us a message. We will be happy to help you!