Wool blankets

Wool blankets for your baby or toddler.

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Wool Crib Pad



Wool Crib Pad

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Nothing is nicer than a wool blanket for your little baby or toddler in the winter. And that is why we have now added the wool blankets to the collection.
We are so happy to offer these warm wool blankets in addition to clothing.

They are available from now on in a variety of natural shades. 100% natural merino wool.

Made of pure merino wool with no synthetic additives. This makes the blankets breathable and also extremely durable.

Raw material: 100% sheep's wool (merino)


  • Wool blankets for babies are a warm, comfortable, pleasant to the touch and a healthy product. The merino wool from which our product is made is alive and reacts to changing environmental temperatures. It shrinks at low temperatures (insulates cold and thus warms up). Expands in heat (preventing the body from overheating). It also has the ability to absorb moisture so your child does not sweat. Thanks to these properties, our wool body warmers are suitable for any season.
  • In addition, wool blankets have health properties. They do not accumulate dust and neutralize harmful positive ions that can cause fatigue, headaches or excessive irritability.
  • This wool blanket looks super cute, too. The teddy-like merino fabric feels soft and is wonderfully cuddly
  • The 100% pure merino wool is of premium quality, and is washed in the specially selected organic detergents that are safe for nature.
  • Why wool? Our wool products are handmade, natural, skin-friendly, warm but breathable, soft and extremely comfortable.

How do you wash your wool:

Our wool blankets can be machine washed using a wool program at low temperature. Do not spin or tumble dry.
However, we find it better to hand wash at 30 degrees to ensure that no washing machine will damage the products. Soak in warm water with wool detergent and dry flat. There is a whole article on the woolmark website describing how to wash wool products.

De wollen dekens beschikken over het prestigieuze keurmerk “Human Friendly” en Eko,  dat de natuurlijke oorsprong en 100% zuiverheid van onze wol bewijst.
Alle wol komt bij kleine boerderijen vandaan waar de schapen vrij rond kunnen lopen. Dus geen massa productie en alle wol is mulesing free. <3


Wool products - We Are Wovens

Wool products: We love them, and there are quite a few of them by now.
Wool Bodywarmers, wool crib blankets, wool crib blankets, wool slippers, wool coats, wool pads and you name it.
Our wool is a natural product and totally durable, warm and also very trendy. And you know what, it smells great too. That's kind of a thing, because you love it or you hate it. This is the lanolin, or sheep fat, that is naturally found in wool. The smell goes away but can also come back when you wash the wool. And how do you wash your wool? Again, we can tell you a lot more about this. 

Wool has lots of wonderful benefits. It's dirt-repellent and insulates fantastically when it's cold. So our wool crib blankets or crib blankets keep your little one nice and warm. But also slippers and slippers for young and old ensure warm feet all year round. 

Our wool collection is constantly expanding and we won't stand still in this development either. So keep following us and shelter yourself and your offspring in wool!

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